6B47 is constantly adding to its network of estate agents, portfolio managers and consultants in order to secure direct access to the main property markets for its projects.

Our acquisition strategy in the various countries is explained below.

Deal, set and match.

Deal, set and match.

Future-proof project development starts with a successful acquisition, and a successful buyer will always be accompanied by a successful seller. Entering into this negotiation with integrity, professionalism and an implicit trust of the other party forms the foundation for a successful deal as far as we’re concerned, because a transaction that’s lacking reliable partners is a non-starter – just like a rally in tennis.

Maximilian Peter, Head of Acquisition Austria

Acquisitions, Austria

Maximilian Peter, MSc
Acquisition 6B47 Group Austria GmbH

In Austria, we’re on the lookout for properties for residential and commercial projects in Vienna and the surrounding area. Real estate with the potential for repurposing is one of the company’s special strengths. On behalf of 6B47 Wohnbauträger, our partner for affordable housing, we’re keen to find properties on the outskirts of cities with good transport links.

Your successful sale is our successful purchase!

Your successful sale is our successful purchase!

One of the goals of our acquisition activities is to quickly reach an informed opinion, keep our word and make your sale a successful transaction for both parties. We are convinced that this is the only way future acquisitions can be successful.

Sustainable acquisition is our basis for sustainable project development.

Christian Berger, Office Manager Berlin, Prokurist

Acquisitions, Germany

Hjalmar Riedel
Office Manager West 6B47 Germany GmbH
Christian Berger
Office Manager Berlin 6B47 Germany GmbH
Raphaela Rudolph
Transaction Management 6B47 Germany GmbH

Our acquisition strategy for Germany includes both development projects in the top seven cities and good central locations in B-grade cities as well as projects on high streets.

We believe in ‘win-win’ deals!

We believe in ‘win-win’ deals!

At 6B47 Poland, we respect every offer for land purchase. We endeavour to establish a close relationship with the vendor to understand their needs and present ours honestly. We value the input of agents, who are often our partners in this crucial process. As a result, we finalise selected transactions with success for both parties, preparing a proposal of institutional housing products to meet the needs of our time.

Mirosław Januszko, Managing Director & Head of Acquisition Poland

Acquisitions, Poland

Mirosław Januszko
Managing Director 6B47 Poland Sp. z o. o.

The Polish property market is on the up and up. Why the market is a “hidden champion” and is attracting an increasing number of major international players.  “The market is just on the cusp of a major upswing.”