Currently, 6B47 Real Estate Investors AG develops and exploits real estate projects with an investment volume of more than 1.6 billion Euro.

Our success story as real estate project developer in Austria, Germany and Poland started in 2009.

The history of 6B47 began in 2009. At that time, after the financial crisis, investors called for more transparency and security with a good reason. We recognized this need and created such a company in the form of 6B47 headed by an experienced management and counting with a team of highly professional real estate experts.

With subsidiaries in Austria, Germany and Poland, 6B47 takes care of all main aspects of the value chain in property development - from project conception to project implementation and utilization.

6B47 takes on a systematic approach by creating local operating entities in order to be able to target specific markets and segments. These local entities are responsible for development, project implementation and exploitation of the properties in the specific market. This structure serves as a basis for the continuous evolution of 6B47.

Added value through professionalism and transparency.

6B47 adopts an integrated approach with respect to the fields of property financing and project development, rather than dealing with them as separate entities. All projects to be developed are financed jointly with investors who are members of the 6B47 Real Estate Club.

Investors are directly involved in each and every stage of a project to cater for the highest level of transparency. We aim at a complete commercial exploitation of the corresponding property at the latest after completion, no matter whether this is achieved by individual sales, sale of packages or the sale of the entire property.

6B47 also invests equity capital in every development project. This is how we guarantee our investment partners the highest levels of commitment and security. Hence, our Club members invest together with 6B47 experts who take over full responsibility in the common interest.

Sustainable growth is nourished by innovation and creativity. Thanks to this position, 6B47 succeeded in building up a leading real estate company in Europe with about 100 employees within a few years.

The name 6B47, spoken “six before seven“ is derived from numerology and the meaning of individual numbers. As a consequence, the number “6” stands for “decision” and “7” refers to “deed”. 6B47 therefore means: “the decision comes before the deed”. Thus, our name indicates that our actions are governed by reason.