6B47 – Careers

As a growing company, 6B47 is always endeavouring to recruit committed, highly professional people to join its team.

Through their hard work and specialist expertise, the employees of the 6B47 Group have made the company what it is today: a key player in the property industry in Austria, Germany and Poland.

6B47 as an employer

6B47 is a highly attractive employer that goes the extra mile for its people. The company offers its employees a wide range of benefits, particularly for their welfare, and supports them both personally and professionally with training and continuing professional development (CPD) opportunities.

As in implementing our projects, we also set ourselves the highest standards when it comes to engaging with our staff. Our company employs a high percentage of women, who make up around half the entire workforce, with a third of them holding a senior role. Needless to say, we do not distinguish between men and women when it comes to setting pay levels. With this position, our company is leading the field in the real estate industry.

Because things never get dull …

Because things never get dull …

„I enjoy working at 6B47 because I’m lucky to work in a particularly amicable and helpful team, and because things never get dull, and I’m always able to learn new and interesting things even though I’ve been in accounting for many years.“

Evelyn Eder, Head of Accounting

Teamwork is a really big thing here

Teamwork is a really big thing here

„I like working at 6B47 because no two days are alike, and every single day brings some new and exciting challenges. The teamwork is also unlike anything you’d find anywhere else – it’s a really big thing here. If you enjoy your work, it becomes a pleasure to do.“

Sandra Tarnoczi, Executive Assistant to the Management Board

All of my colleagues are happy to lend an ear; the team spirit here is fantastic

All of my colleagues are happy to lend an ear; the team spirit here is fantastic

„Here, you have the opportunity to flourish and develop yourself in line with your own interests. All my colleagues are happy to lend an ear; the team spirit here is fantastic. This motivates me every single day.“

Clemens Pintarich, Acquisitions & Product Development

6B47 Austria GmbH & Co. KG

… a cultivated working environment built on trust

… a cultivated working environment built on trust

„I really enjoy working at 6B47. That’s because it lets you contribute both your specialist expertise and your creative ideas to overarching issues in a cultivated working environment built on trust, and because I can grow in a fabulous team thanks to the new impulses, I get every day.“

Axel Klug, Head of Technical Project Management

6B47 Germany

Benefits at 6B47


6B47 Real Estate Investors provides Sodexo vouchers to subsidise the cost of daily lunches sold at nearby canteens. There is also the new Sodexo Pass card for online orders.

working hours

Flexibility and taking responsibility for your own actions are important to us. This is why we offer flexible working with the option of working remotely or from home. Staff on all-in contracts can choose not to work on the days that fall between public holidays and weekends and take them as time off in lieu instead.


Staff who have been at 6B47 for at least a year can attend individual CPD and internal training courses.


The health of our employees is our top priority, and therefore we support them with measures to ensure their physical, mental and social well-being.


Because we care for our environment, we help our staff make the switch to public transport and cover the cost of an annual travelcard up to a maximum of €365. We also offer the option of shared parking in the underground car park.