Residential property sold in Dusseldorf-Rath

6B47 Germany sold its 6,000m² site end of 2018. Project developer Bonava is new owner.

6B47 Germany sold a property in Dusseldorf-Rath in December 2018. By 2022 the new owner, Bonava, plans to build three apartment buildings with an expected 113 apartments and two commercial units on the 6,000m² site on Westfalenstrasse. Kai-Uwe Ludwig, CEO of 6B47 Germany: "In recent years, we have obtained planning rights and submitted the building application. We have now decided to hand over the baton for this project to Bonava and we are convinced that the current property will successfully and significantly increase in value with the planned usage."

The current development concept provides for two multi-family dwellings with 26 condominiums and 45 rental apartments along Westfalenstrasse and the third with 42 condominiums at the back of the property. Here 28 units are planned as social housing. In total, about 7,900m² of living space will be created.

Peter Ulm, CEO of 6B67 Real Estate Investors AG, explains the strategy in Germany: "In recent years, we have established teams of experts in the regional markets and can thus develop tailor-made projects. Our know-how in terms of district development and balancing the right mix of usages is becoming more and more important – as seen here in Dusseldorf-Rath. These sustainable success concepts will further drive 6B47 expansion in Germany."