City logistics meet productive city

City logistics meet productive city – a successful event held by ULI Austria in cooperation with 6B47 with inspiring keynote speeches.

E-commerce affects not only retail, but it also changes cities and real estate in many ways. Yesterday, at the invitation of 6B47 and ULI Austria, top-notch experts discussed the manner and consequences of that impact at our 6B47 Althan Quartier in Vienna under the motto ‘City logistics meet productive city’. Dr Silvia Wustinger-Renezeder, Managing Director of 6B47 Wohnbauträger GmbH, was also in attendance. In her keynote, she addressed the topic of the productive city: ‘When working and living grow closer together again, it results in mixed usage in inner-city areas, which keeps city quarters alive and contributes to the dual use of the increasingly scarce land in urban areas.’

We wish to thank everybody for the fantastic evening, the many valuable insights and lively discussions!