Althan Quarter schedule

Development of the Althan Quarter picks up speed: Project is developed with the existing approval for public use and brings a sustainable mix of uses.

Work on the Althan Quarter in the Viennese Alsergrund district is well underway. The development of the quarter will be completed by 2023. The new district around the Franz Joseph Station offers a sustainable mix of housing, offices, hotel, local suppliers, and additional infrastructures like police and kindergarten.

The head-end with the name ‘FRANCIS’ will be revamped entirely. The newly created offices will bring 2,500 jobs into the district. The area along the Nordbergstraße will receive new residential buildings. The existing multi-storey car park in the Althanstraße will be renovated; a hotel is planned to be on top of the garage. Furthermore, the modernisation of an attractive train station access is part of the modernisation.