Althan Park awarded the Bautech Prize

On May 9th, the coveted SOLID Bautech Prizes were awarded in Vienna, and the 6B47 Althan Park Project was a winner in the category Refurbishment and Revitalisation.

The SOLID Jury of Experts, headed by Prof W Reisman, awarded the biannual prizes (main prizes and awards) for outstanding construction work by Austrian companies this year in the following categories:

  • National
  • International
  • Refurbishment and Revitalisation
  • Digital & Building Information Modelling (BIM)
  • Construction Machinery Application
  • and a Special Prize

In the category of Refurbishment and Revitalisation, the construction company Swietelsky won the 2019 SOLID Bautech Prize along with Althan Park.

Here you can see all of the prizewinning projects:

More about the Althan Park Project:

As the result of extensive renovations and refurbishment, the former, vacant post office in the Ninth District of Vienna was converted into a residential complex with 237 privately financed, upscale condos, spacious public areas and greenery spaces, a kindergarten, and commercial spaces.

The usual solution would have been a total demolition and reconstruction, but two of the four buildings were located directly on the station structure of the Franz Josef Station.

The solution in this case was the upgrading of existing buildings from UG02 to OG07. Foundation reinforcement means of a jet grouting procedure (DSV) was carried out along with the application of additional external reinforcement, subsequent installation of required punching reinforcements, modification of the static load-bearing system by creating new, generous window openings and related beams and columns, doubling of core walls to handle earthquake stress, establishment of a steel support structure from the ground floor to the OG07 for the construction of the new OG08.

In addition, new staircases and lift shafts were made from the existing ones, and self-supporting balconies were mounted.