6B47 supports the campaign to eliminate Violence against Women

Statement of solidarity with the United Nation’s global campaign to eliminate Violence against Women: Banner at the head-end of the Franz Joseph Station illuminated in orange for sixteen days.

Between 25 November 2019 – International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women – and 10 December 2019 – Human Rights Day – the head-end of the ‘Althan Quartier’ facing the Julius-Tandler-Platzwill carry an unambiguous message. The ‘Francis’ – the name of the new 6B47 project – makes a bold statement and demonstrates its values unambiguously: urban, cosmopolitan, and tolerant – for peaceful coexistence.

Sebastian Nitsch, Member of the Board at 6B47: ‘As real estate developers, we engage with the topic of how people live together daily. The campaign at the Franz Joseph Station permits us to take a clear position and send a powerful signal. We have a history of supporting essential campaigns as part of our corporate social responsibility. Here, we want to utilise the public space in one of our projects to draw attention to this issue since many places remain ignorant towards its horrifying scale.’

Violence against women is a significant issue in Austria as well: Twenty (20) per cent of all women in Austria age fifteen (15) and older have already been victims of physical or psychological violence, including sexual abuse, and thirty-five (35) per cent have experienced sexual harassment. Each year, the UN Women campaign ‘Orange the World’ is realised during the ‘16 Tage gegen Gewalt an Frauen’ [Sixteen (16) days for the Elimination of Violence against Women].