6B47 sells two projects to Immo Solutions

6B47 Wohnbauträger contributes two projects to the “Sustainable Real Estate Fund Austria” of Immo Solutions: "Jadenhof" and "OPEN UP! The new Viennese apartment building”

Immo Solutions has acquired two 6B47 residential projects in Vienna as part of a share deal. These projects are characterised most notably by their climate-friendly construction and efficient use of existing resources. Thus, they perfectly blend in to the portfolio of the new real estate special fund "Sustainable Real Estate Fund Austria": A “klima:aktiv”  (climate-friendly) certification is sought for all properties invested in the fund, in addition, the real estate fund bears the Austrian eco-label. Immo Solutions is the initiator and asset manager of the fund with a focus on affordable residential real estate.

"In addition to digitisation, sustainability will be the dominant theme of the Austrian real estate market over the next few years. The "Sustainable Real Estate Fund Austria" is a prestige project in this area and we are proud that several projects from 6B47 meet the requirements for sustainable, resource-saving and climate-friendly construction. Added to this is the persistently high demand for affordable housing, which has once again reflected in these two projects of 6B47 Wohnbauträger GmbH ", explains 6B47 CEO Peter Ulm.