6B47 Corporate Finance is reorganized

Shortly after the nomination of Sebastian G. Nitsch as the new CEO at the beginning of September, the Corporate Finance & Investment division will be restructured in 6B47 Real Estate Investors AG.

Sebastian G. Nitsch sets a new course for the finance area of ​​6B47. In the future, Elke Plazeriano (46) will head the team in the Corporate Finance & Investment division. She has been with the company for 3 years and until then was responsible for project and corporate finance as well as looking after all institutional investors.

Martina Feuchtner (35), who completes the team as a legal expert, has been with the company for four years - most recently as an executive assistant for the board.

“The realignment of this department enables the best possible service for our private and institutional investors, who have invested around 160 million euros in projects in Germany, Poland and Austria. The team combines specialist knowledge, expertise in the industry and a long-term network in the financial sector. ”CEO Sebastian G. Nitsch sees himself confirmed in his personnel decision.

Coordination of the financing of 1.6 billion euros project volume

The team coordinates the entire structuring of debt as well as equity with over 35 banks of the entire 6B47 corporate group, both at project and corporate level.