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As a project developer 6B47 is interested in thinking out of the box of the industry.

6B47 pays special attention to monitoring economic, social and socio-political developments to evaluate the results for an ongoing review of the corporate strategy.


Sebastian Nitsch, Member of the Management Board of 6B47, offers regular insight in topics of current importance within the real estate industry and within 6B47 and how we assess them.


Sebastian Nitsch

6B47 Real Estate Investors AG

Over a while, banks and insurance companies search for office premises outside of Great Britain. Apartment prices on the island are at the lowest level in six years. Germany benefits from this trend, however, property developers are challenged by a fierce competition.

The question arises as often as night follows day: The question about a real estate bubble can be considered legitimate. Is there such a bubble in Austria and Germany?

Could the turnaround of interest rates destabilize the real estate industry? The corresponding effects on the various property investments have been illustrated in this article by Sebastian Nitsch, CFO of the 6B47 Real Estate Investors AG.