Simply photovoltaics is not enough for us: CO2 free thanks to anergy at the "Steingötterhof"
© WOOW Studios

One of the most sustainable residential projects in the history of 6B47 is being built in St. Pölten. In cooperation with the Viennese energy specialist Beyond Carbon Energy, we are implementing an energy concept there for the "Steingötterhof" project, which will not only supply the 191 condominiums with CO2-neutral energy, but with completely CO2-free energy. 

In addition to unsealing surfaces and planting generous green spaces that absorb CO2 from the air through photosynthesis, our lighthouse project in the capital of Lower Austria relies on a combination of photovoltaics and an in-house energy grid.

In contrast to classic district heating, heat pumps are at work here, which store the summer heat in the ground via geothermal probes and use this energy for heating in the cold winter months. These seasonal energy storage units not only ensure ambient temperatures indoors, but are also available for CO2-free hot water preparation. 

In the summertime, the winter cold is again used to cool the flats down to comfortable temperatures. The heat pumps required for this are in turn supplied by the photovoltaic system, which also supplies the rest of the property with electricity. In other words: We produce the necessary hot and cold thermal energy ourselves and supply the flats with climate-friendly electricity, which we also generate autonomously. 

Together with Beyond Carbon Energy, we are thereby implementing an energy concept that is not only climate-friendly, but will not cost the residents of the "Steingötterhof" any more than conventional energy procurement. Or put this way: We are proud to be implementing a piece of the future in St. Pölten that we hope will soon become indispensable in project development. 


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