Secure position in a safe haven: 6B47 expands its commitment in Germany

Various expert surveys and research results clearly show it: Germany will most likely continue to expand its status as a "safe haven" for international investors in the coming months and years. The main reasons for this are the strong German economy, which has been stimulated by effective corona aid packages, and the continuing secure political framework.

Germany has been one of 6B47's most important target markets for years. We have been active in the German metropolises since 2012 and have realized numerous residential and commercial real estate projects. It is important to us to offer our co-investors not only a constantly filled project pipeline, but also a diverse range of real estate products.

Even in view of current developments, we want to consistently strengthen our commitment and expand with our business model in Germany. In addition to our many years of know-how in project development, our experience in the institutional investment markets will benefit us: by constantly deepening our expertise and at the same time expanding our regional competence according to our motto "Act global, think local! 

„2020 is an important year for our business in Germany. We want to further strengthen our local expertise and acquisition power in order to continuously expand our market presence.“

Sebastian Nitsch, Executive Board 6B47 Real Estate Investors AG

We have set ourselves an ambitious goal for this: We want to double our investment volume internationally this year - and allocate the majority of this capital in Germany. In addition, we want to expand our market network of brokers, investment managers and institutional investors even more, so that we can continue to purchase high-yield projects at exactly the right time along the value chain in the future, thus achieving the highest possible level of security.

6B47 Real Investors in Germany:

  • 3 projects in German metropolises and B-cities
  • 600 million Euro realized project volume
  • 3 German offices (Düsseldorf, Munich, Berlin)
  • 30 employees