A slightly different change of perspective: of a slightly different kind: 6B47 in the Styrian mountains

After the eventful start to 2022 with the successful financing of the construction work in the "Althan Quarter", 6B47 Real Estate Investors AG treated itself to a long weekend break in the mountains. For the first time since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, the teams from Austria, Germany and Poland met face to face in the Turrach Heights in Styria.


This was a special highlight not only for new employees who joined us after 2020. Long-standing colleagues also took advantage of the reunion to swap notes. The consistent aim was to compare the individual development approaches in Austria, Germany and Poland, identify differences and similarities and thereby attempt to change our perspectives - and to do so against the picturesque backdrop of the Styrian mountains.


Of course, the fun factor was not neglected either. In addition to various get-togethers, the focus was on skiing. Whether beginners, intermediate or crack skiers: there was something for everyone, including instruction. On the last day, the 6B47 champion of the slopes was crowned in a downhill race.


With this event, CEO Sebastian G. Nitsch and the entire management team would like to acknowledge the team’s outstanding performance. "Both our technicians and commercial staff have achieved great things with the 'Althan Quarter' and numerous other projects in our three target markets. Now, with our batteries recharged, we intend to tackle our projects for the coming quarters all the more vigorously. Of one thing, I am sure: 2022 will be an exceptional year for 6B47 - even measured by the standards of our rich company history."