6B47 Partnership Model

The 6B47 Real Estate Club offers a possibility to private investors to directly obtain shares of projects from 6B47.

This means that Club members can place sustainable investments in properties with an increase in values together with 6B47.

6B47 offers a direct transparent investment in a property which maintains its value and an expected return of between eight and twelve per cent per year. The terms of the investment of 24 to 36 months are relatively short, hence easy to manage and transparent. Moreover, the service includes comprehensive reporting at regular intervals in order to document the progress of the project. From the very beginning, 6B47 has put emphasis on transparency as trust in the projects and last but not least in the company is the basis for the club model.

The members of the 6B47 Real Estate Club are co-shareholders in the corresponding project and, of course, they take part in all key decisions. They are directly involved in all projects from planning to implementation for the sake of transparency. Our investors can trace every single stage of a project to see what happens to their investment - from laying the first brick to opening the property. A regular and comprehensive reporting provides a transparent view of the project progress.

As a project developer, 6B47 invests in each project and provides Real Estate Club members the opportunity to invest in projects jointly with real estate professionals. This is a clear evidence that 6B47 itself believes in its projects and is 100 per cent sure that they will be successful.

6B47 itself invests own capital in every development project. The members put their money in hands of an experienced property developer with a corresponding track record - they invest money side by side with experts.

Partnership Model
Elke Plazeriano Head of Corporate Finance & Investment

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