Corporate Social Responsibility

As a project developer 6B47 is well aware of its high responsibility in urban development and the influence in quality of life.

6B47 sees it as a duty to also consider social, ecological and economic aspects when planning property development projects.

The responsible conduct of business embraces many aspects for 6B47. Whenever economically feasible and appropriate, 6B47 considers sustainable measures during the development of properties.

Such measures start as early as in the design stage: A well-balanced mix of offers in the sense of a social mix of inhabitants and different uses helps to avoid social trouble spots. The next step is a well-conceived planning to enable the property to be adjusted to possibly changing conditions in the course of its service life. Another aspect to be considered is the careful selection of construction materials and the careful implementation of open areas.

However, for 6B47 it is far more than that. Responsibility refers to the property as a whole. Only those projects which are planned in a sustainable way are an investment of high value for both, the financing parties as well as for the people who use the property. Our responsibility is to develop the property by putting the people in the main focus and to consider the users’ needs of today and tomorrow.

As a property developer, 6B47 offers its partner a sustainable possibility to invest in properties. 6B47 creates something that is quantifiable in numbers - and we do this with great success. This is what the company is committed to.

However, not only numbers have a high priority at 6B47, but also people. This is the reason why 6B47 is also committed to social projects: The company supports organizations that take care of physically or socially handicapped people.

Get a hearing

The 6B47 Real Estate Investors AG supports the association “Get a hearing“, an association taking care of the needs of hearing-impaired children ( 6B47 is the main sponsor of the annual charity concert to finance hearing aids for the children affected who lack of financing from the health insurance companies although they need them badly. Moreover, 6B47 also supports the organizer of the concert by means of personal assistance.

Jugend am Werk

6B47 contracts various works to Jugend am Werk such as making-up or packaging of giveaways for fairs. Jugend am Werk is a non-profit association that enables impaired people to carry out meaningful activities within the framework of a daycare center, thus, contributing to integration in work-life. (


The 6B47 Real Estate Investors AG has taken over a sponsorship for a residential community in the Viennese Seestadt Aspern which consists of nine children between 6 and 14 years. The children have found a temporary new home there and thy are taken care of by educators around the clock. Parents, siblings and persons close to the children are actively integrated in the care in a respectful manner. (