6B47 Polen

The Polish subsidiary - take advantage of the potential

Strong market dynamics in Poland caused 6B47 to enter the Polish real estate market as project developer with 6B47 Poland in 2014. The company is headquartered in Warsaw.

6B47 Poland focuses mainly on the big cities in Poland. There is a special emphasis on the development of properties for living and industry in the big cities and metropolitan areas of the country. 6B47 concentrates on first-class locations in cities such as Warsaw, Wrocław and Krakow as well as locations on important traffic junctions in regions with large catchment areas.


The first development project on the Polish market is the residential building project Zyndrama in Wrocław, in German Breslau. AT the beginning of 2019, 6B47 finished the up-to-date apartment house Zyndrama with high-end condos directly at the river bank of the Oder.

The second development project is the Silesia Outlet Center in Gliwice in the region of Upper Silesia. Upper Silesia presents a high potential for development projects for commercial use due to its high population density and the enormous catchment area. The demand for new properties for commercial use is very high. This is confirmed by the enormous demand by tenants already before construction has started. Baubeginn.

Mirosław Januszko Managing Director

6B47 Poland Sp. z o. o.